Adoption Requirements

To adopt, email us for the application and include detailed information about yourself, what you are looking for, and your lifestyle. We do require a home check and verification you are able to have pets or a reasonable accommodation for an assistance animal. Adoptions are free for veterans.



Rosie: ESA or Therapy Dog

Rosie is a happy-go-lucky 3 year old gal who loves to socialize and just wants a person or family of her own. After her morning zoomies, she’s ready to focus on the day or just take a snore filled nap. Don’t let her goofy demeanor fool you, she is a certified Canine Good Citizen! Since she’s a free spirit we do not feel she is up to the hard work of being a service dog. However Rosie is always making people smile with her sweet, engaging, and friendly personality.


Tiny: ESA

Tiny is a shy girl just learning about the big world but is so full of love! She enjoys a good hike with friends or outdoor activity, and then will settle in nicely to relax when at home. Despite her shyness with people she is friendly with other dogs and likes to be part of a pack. If you are looking for a pup to be by your side she is your girl!


Blue: Service Dog

There’s not much else to say about Blue except that she is amazing! If you need a dog to help you be social and get out she will do that for you. If you just need a hug, she can do that too. This girl is ready to work and as soon as we find her person we can start to train her the needed tasks to be a service dog.